April Field Day!

Join us April 13th from 2-4pm for an informative field day at the White Oak Point Apiary! This is a great opportunity to get into the hives and experience a guided inspection first hand!

A little about our hosts:
Rachel and Cathy met each other when their kids went to Junior Prom together. Rachel planted the idea of putting bees on Cathy’s farm and together they began their beekeeping adventure in 2020. Their first summer was a whirlwind of chaos and after wintering successfully it was game on. In 2022 their kids got married on the farm at the place which inspired the name of White Oak Point Honey. They now have 19 hives, a new bee house, and have enjoyed their first major honey harvest. Beekeeping has become their passion, solace, and joy.

It is the gravel driveway 100 yards East of the intersection of N. Highway 393 and Highway 42, NOT the driveway directly across from Highway 393. Their driveway will have 3 mailboxes and a “White Oak Point” sign. Keep going on the driveway past the 1st house, 1/2 mile back to the 2-story painted brick house. Parking in the grass. Please drive slowly on the gravel driveway out of respect for the neighbors.